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          Flexible study options for undergraduate 科学

          请注意: the information on this website is indicative only. Please check the 澳彩网的时间表 for the most accurate and up to date availability of these courses. 

          Flexible study courses are particularly helpful if you:

          • want to fast track your degree
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        • began your studies mid-year
        • 需要一个 flexible timetable due to other commitments

        • Flexible Study Course Offerings:




          点击 这里 for a list of course offerings.





          UNSW 科学 offers a range of fully and partially on线 courses. 

          On线* 大学本科 科学 Courses 2019

          科目编号课程名2019 Term Offerings分娩方式
          avia2025Introduction to Airborne Drone Management3项In-person final exam
          bees2741Introduction to Astrobiology2项全面上线
          bees6741Astrobiology: Life in the Universe3项全面上线
          bees6800The Science of 科学 Communication术语1,术语3在充分线
          clim1001Introduction to Climate Change术语2,术语3全面上线
          psyc1022The Psychology of AddictionSummer, 1项, 术语2,术语3全面上线
          psyc1023Abnormal Psychology1项, 术语2,术语3全面上线
          psyc1024Clinical Perspectives on Anxiety, Mood and StressSummer, 术语2,术语3全面上线
          psyc1025Psychology of Work术语1,术语3全面上线
          psyc1027Forensic Psychology: Crime, Courts and Corrections术语1,术语3全面上线
          psyc1062Psychological 科学 of Wellbeing1项全面上线
          phys1110日常物理学1项, 术语2,术语3全面上线
          phys1160Introduction to Astronomy1项, 术语2,术语3全面上线
          scif1004科学 and the Cinema夏天,期限2全面上线

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          On线 Science Courses for non-科学 Students

          The on线 courses below are available to non-science students as general education. 科学 students are permitted to enrol in these courses.


          科目编号课程名2019 Term Offerings分娩方式
          gens0401Introduction to Climate Change术语2,术语3全面上线
          gens2025Introduction to Airborne Drone Management3项In-person final exam
          gens4008Nuclear Arms, Peace and Global Governance2项在充分线
          gens4015Brave New World: Science Fiction, 科学 Fact and the Future1项全面上线



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